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MODEL 88 300b

Output Wattage: 8 Watts total per channel
Tube compliment: Two WE417 Input tubes ,Two 300B output tubes, One 5U4 Rectifier Tube
Input Impedance: 100k
Weight: 40 Lbs.
Height: 9"
Length: 16"
Depth: 13"
Output Impedance: 8 ohms
110-120 Volts

Warranty: Three Year Warranty - Parts and Labor
Technical Support

Proudly Made in the USA

Quality Workmanship, Inside and Out

    The Cunningham Audio Model 88 is a pure class "A" Signal Ended zero feedback style amplifier, featuring all transformer couple not one capacitor or resistor in the signal path, large potted power transformer with daul potted smoothing choke transformers, 5U4 Tube rectified power supply. Transendar 3Khz primary to 8 ohm output transformers hand made here in the USA, fixed bias 300B output and using WE 417A input triode tubes, ceramic tube sockets all hand wired with silver claded teflon wire point to point circuit .8 watts per channel of pure class A zero feedback output.

    Also Features - Brushed Stainless Steel top plate with your choice of Walnut or Birdseye Maple real wood base. These amplifiers are designed to work with high efficient speakers above 90db spl. Very natural pure sound- lush mids with sweet highs and good punchy low end. No expense was spared in the design of this amp. I offer these as built to order style amplifiers so you, the buyer, are not locked into the same cosmetic features. I do offer the same great warranty on these amps as with my line of preamps and are intended to match.

Custom Commissions Accepted - Call 843-457-0745 for Estimate

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